Introducing: Electronic Cigarettes


For years, the issue of the health risks associated with smoking has been a key issue in the lives of many people. Such issues can include an increased risk of cancer, bad breath, yellowed skin and shortness of breath. Many individuals possess a wish to stop smoking, but do not have the will power to do so alone. Now, electronic cigarettes are available to help people wishing to quit to curb the cravings whilst experiencing withdrawal from nicotine. It is this intense craving that makes quitting so difficult for many people, so being able to remove this is a positive step forward for many smokers.

The electronic cigarettes work by mimicking the appearance and the taste of regular cigarettes to help their users think that they’re using the genuine article. The main thing that encourages individuals to switch to electronic cigarettes is the fact that they do not contain any of the chemicals or substances that pose a health risk in regular tobacco.

The electronic cigarettes are powered by battery. These can either be bought individually or replaced each time, or they can be recharged using the USB port on any computer or laptop. Small bottles of flavored liquid can be bought to insert into the device, which are available in many different flavors. Some contain nicotine and some do not, which means that individuals are able to chose whether they wish to withdraw the drug from their daily routine. Among the flavors available to users are things like fruit and chocolate, which means that there is a huge choice for those seeking help improving their smoking habits.

The E-cigarette includes three main parts; the mouthpiece, which is the part that is placed in the mouth of the user whilst inhaling the vapor, the battery, which powers the device and can be easily recharged by plugging it into a USB port, and the atomizer which serves to vaporize the liquids, enabling the smoker to inhale them.

There are several reasons that an individual may choose to use an electronic cigarette, and the most common of these is that they wish to either remove tobacco from their life or at least cut down. It is not recommended that non smokers use them, as it is important to remember that nicotine is a drug. They are also not suitable to be used by any individual under the age of 18, so it is important that you keep your electronic cigarettes and liquids away from children. Electronic cigarettes are a safer option for smokers, as it means that they are still able to get nicotine into their system without having to worry about the other side effects of regular cigarettes. Many individuals manage to stop smoking entirely using these, and others simply choose to cut down on their tobacco and replace one or two cigarettes each day with electronic cigarettes.

It is advised that individuals wishing to try ecigs contact their doctor, as they would be able to give personal help and advice about how to reduce the amount of regular cigarettes that are being smoked.

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