Electronic Cigarettes And Tobacco

In recent years, the damage done to the human body by tobacco has been discussed extensively in governments around the world. A lot of research has been carried out, the majority of it being in the US, to try to understand just how much of an effect tobacco can have on the human body.

The findings of such research have been shocking, and overall it has been estimated that smokers die, on average, 14 years earlier than non smokers. In addition to this loss of life expectancy, smoking can increase the risk of certain types of cancers and heart disease. Another issue that is a problem is the fact that because tobacco is inhaled into the lungs, this means that individuals struggle to breathe and this can affect their overall levels of fitness.

For female smokers, their ability to have a healthy pregnancy can be hindered. Smoking can increase the risk of still birth and miscarriage, and babies who are born to mothers who have smoked during their pregnancy are smaller on average than those born to mothers who did not.

Because of these issues, governments have put a number of initiatives in place to try to reduce the quantity of people who take up smoking, and also to lower the number of cigarettes that are smoked by each of those individuals. The first thing that was decided was that they had to ensure that people were not exposed to images of smoking. This included advertising on the television and in magazines. It was also decided that smoking should not be made to look positive by portraying heroic characters as smokers in films and television programs.

The government also thought it important that individuals fully understood the effects of smoking, and to do this they introduced various campaigns to be shown to the public. This included photographs on cigarette packaging of the effects of smoking, for example the mouth and teeth of a smoker. It aimed to discourage people from taking up the habit.

The prices of cigarettes were also raised, and this aimed to prevent people from being able to afford to smoke. To some extent, this has worked, because more people than ever are citing affordability as the reason that they are choosing to stop smoking. Because of this, electronic cigarettes are a more attractive option than they were previously.

It is important to consider the safety of these, too. Although they do contain nicotine, the absence of other toxins means that they are much healthier than cigarettes. A smoker would be able to improve their quality of life by switching to electronic cigarettes. However, this does not mean that they would be “healthy” for non smokers. Nicotine is still a drug, and introducing it to somebody who has never smoked before would have a negative effect on their health. In addition to this, though they are a much better alternative to tobacco, they are still unsuitable for children, and should never be given to them.

It is important to talk to your doctor before choosing to switch to electronic cigarettes, as there is some evidence of high doses of nicotine interacting with some medications; however occurrences of this are rare.

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