Electronic Cigarettes FAQ

As with most inventions that are relatively new, there will be a lot of information passed around that you’re not sure is entirely accurate. This page will attempt to put the record straight on some of the misconceptions so that you don’t have to worry about whether what you’re reading is true or not.

Q) Do electronic cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals?

 There have been many laboratory tests carried out, and it has been shown that this is not the case. One of the reasons that there are rumors about chemicals is simply because people cannot believe that the product is as good as it looks. You should ignore information that is not backed up by scientific evidence.

Q) Do electronic cigarettes cause cancer?

 There has been some evidence in tests carried out by scientists of a negligible amount of the cancer causing agents in the electronic cigarettes. However, it is important to remember that the aim of the device is to cut down on the amount of tobacco that you’re smoking, and the levels of this substance are considerably lower than in regular cigarettes. It is never advised that you smoke electronic cigarettes when you are not already a smoker, so the fact remains that they are still a much safer option.

Q) Is second hand smoke dangerous?

 No. All of the vapor that you exhale whilst using electronic cigarettes is harmless. It will not cause problems for anybody around you, and does not pose a health risk to them. Because of this, it means that you are able to smoke electronic cigarettes wherever you wish to. There are currently no laws governing where you can and cannot smoke, although some public places may have their own policies.

Q) Do electronic cigarettes increase children’s likelihood to smoke?

 It has been suggested that because they are harmless, electric cigarettes might encourage children to use them, and would then make it easier for them to switch to full tobacco cigarettes at a later stage. However, providing that parents are responsible and do not let their children use their electronic cigarettes, it seems reasonable to believe that it would not have a negative effect. In addition to this, it is impossible for children to legally purchase the devices online, as they would require a credit card, and that is something that they are not able to own until they are at least 18.

Q) Are Electronic Cigarettes More Addictive?

 This depends on a number of factors. Firstly, it depends on how different the experience is to your usual smoking patterns. If you use an electronic cigarette E liquid with a higher level of nicotine then it may be more addictive, however providing that you use them responsibly, and ensure that you gradually cut down the amount of nicotine that you’re using, there is no reason why you couldn’t remove nicotine from your life entirely. It is recommended that you make a diary of the nicotine levels, and gradually mix the E liquid with a variation that does not contain nicotine at all.



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