Electronic Cigarettes on ABC News

Electronic Cigarettes were recently reviewed on a report by ABC News. ABC’s report includes an interview with  Pulmonologist (respiratory illnesses) Dr.Gary Weinstein, who clearly states in this report that “nicotine, by itself is not a terrible thing” . Furthermore,  ABC’s reporter referred to the “smoke” omitted from the electronic cigarette as “harmless vapor“.

The report actually refers to the Electronic cigarette as a smoking simulator which can contain different dosages of nicotine and various flavors, including flavors that are not available in regular cigarettes, such as cherry, pineapple  vanilla etc. The report also states that the absence of tobacco in ecigs means that they can be smoked everywhere. Why? since tobacco laws do not apply or govern their usage. Furthermore,  Electronic Cigarettes do not subject others to passive smoking since there is no actual smoke, but vapor, that simulates smoke.

Considering the fact that e-cigs do not contain the 4000 harmful chemicals that are present in tobacco smoke and can be viewed as an alternative to nicotine gum and patches, this report clearly gives 2 thumbs up to the product.

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