Blu Cigs Review


Blu Cigs Review




Blu Cigs has certainly not scrimped on the design of their products. They often come in sleek cases that resemble traditional cigarette holders. But as one of many electronic cigarette brands across the globe, they often encounter some stiff competition.



There is perhaps nothing cooler than the compact, black design of the Original E-Cig Starter Kit from Blu Cigs. It comes with 5 cartridges, two batteries, and two chargers. You also get five distinct flavors to test out which one you like the best. At $69.95, this Kit might seem a little pricey, but its stylish design makes it well worth the extra cost. EverSmoke features a similar package that’s about $10 cheaper than Blu Cigs’ Starter Kit. Either way, there’s no electronic cigarette on the market that looks quite as interesting as these Blu Cigs. Plus, there are plenty of other vendors (Green Smoke, in particular) that have starter kits just like this one that cost about $20 more.

With this starter kit, you get a good, tasty smoke; a clean, lustrous case; and all the health benefits attached to vapor smoking..

Customer Service

A major benefit of Blu Cigs is that they provide 24-hour customer support. Many vendors (like South Beach Smoke or White Cloud) have designated times at which they’ll be available. That’s not the case for Blu Cigs. They allow you to contact them toll-free by phone or via a chat session on their website with a representative anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re having trouble with the site or with the product, you can be sure that your concerns will be heard. Like virtually every other vendor, Blu Cigs also has a Facebook page. There, you’ll find mostly laudatory comments from real customers about Blu Cigs and their products. On V2 Cigs’ Facebook page, you’re more likely to find unaddressed complaints. To add to their emphasis on convenience, you can also find Blu Cigs in the real world from special vending machines. They are active and committed to customer service and the benefits of their product.

Blu Cigs would definitely provides exemplary customer service.

Warranty Coverage

Despite their emphasis on convenience and customer service, their warranties can seem kind of sparse. Many other vendors (including South Beach Smoke, Smoke Tip, and Vapor Couture) are known for their lifetime warranties. Although these are usually limited to cases in which a device stops working on its own, they still cover you for life. Blu Cigs, however, only covers you for the first year for a replacement. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee that will give unsatisfied customers a full refund. Even so, a year is a relatively long time for something to be covered under warranty, and it’s already been proven that Blu Cigs has some of the best customer service in the business.

Maybe Blu Cigs is just so certain that their product is great and that you will think so too that they don’t need to couch it in a lifetime warranty.

Cartridge Selection

Blu Cigs does not feature a large selection of cartridges, but it appears as if they went for quality over quantity. Indeed, a brief perusal of their Facebook page reveals countless satisfied Blu Cigs customers. They feature flavors ranging from vanilla, coffee, and classic tobacco to peach, piña colada, menthol, and cherry. The flavors are often rich and full, receiving almost universal praise from reviewers and customers alike. Green Smoke, on the other hand, has received negative criticism for their flat tasting menthol’s. Although Blu Cigs doesn’t have an inventory quite as large as Halo Cigs (24 flavor cartridges), they certainly have a formidable one.



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