Bull Smoke Review


Bull Smoke Review

With Bull Smoke electronic cigarettes, you won’t be getting any bull. They pride themselves in providing their customers with distinctly American products. Indeed, much of their website is full of cowboys, rodeo bulls, and stallions, all of which get you in the mood to head to the Wild, Wild West.


Bull Smoke features two identical starter kits that both go for $74.95. They’ve got the Ranch Hand Kit and the City Slicker Kit both of which feature 10 cartomizers, 1 long battery, 1 short battery, 2 chargers and an owner’s manual. The difference really comes in the packaging. The Ranch Hand kit is a bit more rustic and ascetic while the City Slicker kit is a bit more elegant and colorful. Compared to other brands, the content and price of the two starter kits for Bull Smoke are just about average. Volcano offers a similar package with five fewer cartomizers for $10 cheaper. White Cloud’s lowest starter kit mimics Volcano’s but with a price of $59.95.

Customer Service

Bull Smoke has one of the best options when it comes to customer service: an online chat option. You won’t find this on a lot of electronic cigarette vendors’ websites, but you’ll definitely have it with Bull Smoke. They also feature a phone number, an e-mail address, and a contact form all conveniently located on their “Contact Us” page. They’ve also got a Facebook page on which they seem genuinely concerned about providing solid customer service. In this regard, they’re comparable to vendors like Blu Cigs and White Cloud. There’s really no other way to cover all your bases when it comes to customer service. Bull Smoke seems to have thought of every way imaginable to provide access to their customers. Bull Smoke shows ostensible commitment to excellent customer service.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty coverage for Bull Smoke is actually perfect. They have a Certified Lifetime Warranty for all of their charging devices and a one-year limited warranty for batteries and atomizers. The reason why this is the ideal warranty is because most batteries only last about 3 to 6 months anyway and wouldn’t be covered under any vendor’s warranty. But it’s rare for a vendor to have a warranty that specifically mentions charging devices. Seeing as how chargers don’t really have an expiration date, it’s nice to know that a malfunction will result in a replacement no matter how long you’ve had it. Other vendors (V2 Cigs, Smoke Tip, SafeCig, etc.) all feature lifetime warranties for all of their electrical products. Other vendors like Eluma Cigs or White Cloud have warranty coverage between 6-months and a year. But you really only need a lifetime warranty for chargers because batteries and atomizers are all going to die down naturally.

E-liquid/Cartomizer/Cartridge Selection

Bull Smoke features a somewhat standard selection of ten different cartridges and flavors. They share this distinction with vendors like South Beach Smoke and V2 Cigs. Their selection pales in comparison to Revolver’s 35 different flavors and Volcano’s 34, but it’s really not a bad selection. They have three tobacco flavors listed with their real cigarette equivalent. For instance, the American Ranger flavor compares to Marlboro, Winston, and Lucky Strike. It could stand to be a little bit larger, but, all in all, Bull Smoke offers cartridges with nice, rich flavors.


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