Eluma Cigs Review


Eluma Cigs Review

Eluma Cigs offers some of the most elegant electronic cigarette products on the market. They maintain all the health benefits of traditional electronic cigarettes with a packaging that’s wholly unique. But does that translate to affordability or usability?


Eluma has what many vendors would call an “express kit.” For the Eluma Cigs brand, it’s called a Simple Starter Kit and provides the barebones of what you’d need to start trying electronic cigarettes. You’ll find a battery, a USB charger, 5 cartridges, and 5 cartomizers in their Simple Kit for a listed price of $39.99. Of course, they have a deal on their website that can get you $5 off for your first kit. V2 Cigs has a similar package that only features 5 cartridges (no extra cartomizers) for $24.95. They are essentially equal in value when you consider Eluma’s 5 extra cartomizers. Crown7 has a deal identical to that of V2 Cigs, but at $37.77. Eluma’s might be the most valuable out of the bunch.

They’ve also got a much more substantial Complete Starter Kit. There you’ll find two batteries, an atomizer, two chargers, a carrying case, 20 cartridges, and 5 extra cartomizers for $79.99. This price is high in comparison to many other vendors (like Revolver) but that’s largely because it offers considerably more than most comparable kits. For instance, Revolver provides you with only 5 cartomizers total (among all the other necessities) for a price of $59.99. In terms of price versus what you get, Eluma Cigs still takes the cake.

Customer Service

Although they don’t feature their phone number prominently on their website like South Beach Smoke or Vapor Couture, they do have a 24-hour toll-free hotline for any customer concerns or complaints. All you have to do is navigate to their customer service page to find that number. Most other vendors (including SafeCig and V2 Cigs) have limited hours of availability when it comes to contacting a phone representative. Eluma does not, however, feature an online chat option like Green Smoke or V2 Cigs (even though those are limited, as well). The Facebook and Twitter accounts for Eluma Cigs seem to maintain a lot of followers, but they don’t really foster communication on those pages. Unlike SafeCig or White Cloud, it appears that Eluma Cigs only has an interest in maintaining a social media presence rather than actually doing anything substantial with it.

Despite their online shortcomings, 24-hour accessibility is rare in the electronic cigarette business.

Warranty Coverage

Like most other vendors (including Halo Cigs and SafeCig), Eluma Cigs offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, you can send back your product for a “No Questions Asked” refund. They also provide a 1-year warranty on their batteries and atomizers that will replace your defective products for free. They put a few caveats on their warranty in that they will not replace parts if they have simply expired due to normal usage. This applies largely to batteries and atomizers because they tend to expire within a year anyway. Even so, if a charger malfunctions after a year past the purchase date, they will not replace it for free. Many other vendors (V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Smoke Tip, etc.) have lifetime warranties that cover products extensively (obviously).

Eluma Cigs has a decent warranty that could be better.

E-liquid/Cartomizer/Cartridge Selection

Eluma Cigs has somewhat of a sparse collection of cartridges and cartomizers. They only have six total, but they basically cover all the traditional bases. They have tobacco, menthol, cherry, chocolate, vanilla, and coffee flavors, which most vendors provide. Still, when you consider that Halo Cigs has nearly 23 flavors and the average number of flavors is around 10 per vendor, you could say that Eluma Cigs has some catching up to do.

Although it’s not a big selection, Eluma Cigs does ensure that you’ll get at least some variety.


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