EverSmoke Review


Ever Smoke Review



Ever Smoke is one of the up-and-coming electronic cigarette vendors on the Internet. It bills itself as the “Top-rated Electronic Cigarette,” although that could just be shameless self-aggrandizement. In fact, most electronic cigarette companies are quick to call themselves the best. Let’s see if Ever Smoke stays true to its word.



Ever Smoke is one of the few vendors that give you the option of a Reusable Express Kit for beginners. It comes with a lithium ion battery, a USB charger, one cartridge, and a manual. At a low price of $24.99, this package allows you the freedom of an inexpensive foray into electronic cigarettes. Many sites (like Green Smoke) don’t offer such small packages for you to test. Other brands, including V2 Cigs and South Beach Smoke, provide similar packages at similar prices. Indeed, the Express Kit from South Beach Smoke is roughly $5 extra while the Express Kit for V2 Cigs comes in at about a nickel cheaper than Ever Smoke’s.

If you want something more substantial, you’d probably be better off opting for EverSmoke’s Basic Starter Kit. You’ll get everything you’d find in the Express Kit with an additional wall charger and 4 extra cartridges with your choice of flavors. V2 Cigs has a similar offering with their Economy Kit that’s about $10 cheaper than the $59.99 asking price for EverSmoke’s Basic Kit. South Beach Smoke has a package for the same price with same contents except for an extra battery. All things considered, you’re getting a pretty average value with EverSmoke’s starter kits.

Customer Service

EverSmoke’s customer service is rather good. Their website uses the exact same design as South Beach Smoke’s website and offers very similar avenues through which customers can contact them. Their Facebook page also has the same “funny picture aggregator” vibe found on South Beach Smoke’s Facebook. Despite this fact, EverSmoke seems more inclined to respond to customer questions, concerns, and complaints via Facebook than South Beach Smoke. You can also reach EverSmoke using a toll-free hotline in conjunction with their Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube accounts. They do not, however, feature an online chat support option that is commonly found at the sites of other vendors like V2 Cigs and Green Smoke.

In any event, it appears that EverSmoke has a distinct commitment to quality customer service.

Warranty Coverage

EverSmoke offers several warranties, but the most important one, of course, is the lifetime warranty. You can put your full trust in EverSmoke for as long as you remain a customer. Their lifetime warranty is essentially the same as many other vendors’ warranties. Indeed, V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, and Vapor Couture all offer warranties that protect you in the event of a defective piece of equipment. EverSmoke, of course, does the same. If you end up not liking EverSmoke’s products, they also feature a 30-day money back guarantee for all unsatisfied customers.

I said it before, as far as warranties go, lifetime is the best you can hope for.

Cartridge Selection

The cartridge selection is small by comparison, but boasts many unique flavors. In keeping with their odd connection to South Beach Smoke, they maintain a lot of the same flavors. Just like South Beach Smoke, they have three tobacco flavors, a menthol flavor, peach, vanilla, peppermint, coffee, and piña colada flavors. The only difference between South Beach Smoke’s lineup and EverSmoke’s lineup is that the former features a chocolate flavor and the latter features a cherry flavor. Even though, these two brands appear to be the same company, they still offer some nice flavors. EverSmoke certainly offers more than other vendors like Crown7 or Green Smoke (2 and 7 respectively). Despite their similarity to South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke still offers a quality selection.




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