Firebrand Cigs Review


Firebrand Cigs Review



Firebrand‘s products and website are designed to portray that “All-American style”. They’re Black batteries and atomizers are stamped with white flames resembling  a custom Harley’s slip-on exhaust and they’re winged logo could proudly be worn on any leather biker jacket. In the world of electronic cigarettes, there might only be room for one such all-American king and Firebrand Electronic Cigarettes definitely dominate that spot.


When it comes to starter kits, Firebrand unique style immediately catches the eye. They have some really edgy boxes with some really edgy design. Their cheapest “Millennium” starter kit  has a list price of $64.99 and gives you two batteries, 3 atomizers, 5 blank cartridges, a wall charger, a carrying case and your choice of E-liquid from they’re huge variety of 19 American made “E-juices”. The Firebrand Millennium Cyclone Cartomizer Standard Kit features the ease of vaping pre-mixed cartridges. However, pre-mixed cartomizers are  limited to Tobacco and Menthol flavors. The price and content of this kit is similar to that of V2 Cigs.

If you don’t mind filling up your own cartomizers, something that many experienced electronic cigarette users consider as a big plus, since it gives you complete control over price and flavor, Firebrand would be an ideal choice for you. All in all, Firebrand’s entry-level kits provide quality content for a fair price.

Customer Service

If your looking for Firebrand’s customer service you will find all the information you need in the FAQ/Support tab located at the top menu of Firebrand’s website. There you will find all the necessary information including phone numbers and email address. Although Firebrand does not provide 24/7 customer service they do provide you with immediate assistance after hours or on weekends by email. Compared to a vendor like Pure Cigs, Firebrand is lacking in customer help. However, A brief perusal of their Facebook page would reveal more attention to detail on the part of Firebrand. They seem to respond to customers readily even though they only receive comments in fits and starts. They don’t have a support chat option, but they do seem to care about they’re customers and that’s a major plus in this industry.

Warranty Coverage

Firebrand has a warranty that only lasts 30 days. There’s nothing wrong with a 30-day warranty, but a malfunction of the battery or the charger on the 31st day would leave you on the hook for a replacement. They do state on their site that they will accept any returns from unsatisfied customers within 30 days “no questions asked.”  Even so, plenty of vendors feature lifetime warranties for all their products. If they don’t have a lifetime warranty then they usually offer a full year of coverage. There’s really no need to limit your warranty to 30 days when batteries actually last for months and months at a time. Virtually every other electronic cigarette brand (aside from Halo Cigs) has at least a 6-month warranty if not more.

It’s time for Firebrand to get with the times and substantially improve their warranty.

E-liquid/Cartomizer Selection

No doubt, this is where Firebrand excels leaving the competition far behind with a rather robust selection of American made e-liquids. They have 19 in total—an amount that surpasses many other vendors (including South Beach Smoke, Pure Cigs, and V2 Cigs). They have plenty of dark, musky tobacco flavors, but they also have a rather wide selection of menthol flavors. Many other vendors only stock one basic menthol flavor, but Firebrand has 4. Indeed, they have one of the most unique selections of e-liquids on the market.

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