Firelight Fusion Review


Firelight Fusion Review

Firelight Fusion was formed in 2009 and has, since then, been a premier choice for many in the electronic cigarette market. But how do they stack up against the competition?


Their entry-level starter kit, the Firelight Fusion Kit, features 2 batteries, 2 chargers, 6 cartomizers, and a manual all for the relatively low price of $54.95. You can find somewhat similar packages elsewhere that feature a wider selection of cartomizers. For instance, V2 Cigs’ starter kit comes with ten total cartridges for only $49.95. Of course, they only have one battery in their kit. The VOLCANO Kit from Volcano is virtually identical to the Firelight Fusion Kit, but comes in at $10 extra. For the most part, Firelight Fusion gives you a kit and a price that hovers around the average. It’s not excessively cheap and it’s not really expensive, either.

Firelight Fusion gives you a quality selection at a decent price with their starter kit

Customer Service

Every company (including Firelight Fusion) says they’re committed to top-notch customer service, but only a handful can really provide it. It seems like Firelight Fusion is not in that handful. They have a phone number for you to call displayed at the top of their website, but it’s only for phone orders (not to talk to a customer service rep). If you go to the customer service page on their website, they’ll just direct you to their FAQs page or ask you to “submit a ticket” to their help desk. They note on the website that responses to submitted tickets generally take a few hours, but could end up going as long as a day. Vendors like NicStick and Vapor Couture give you the option of having an immediate online chat with a representative. Other vendors (like Smoke Tip) prominently display their 24-hour, toll-free hotline on their website. Firelight Fusion does not. They also don’t appear to answer (or entertain) many inquiries on their Facebook page. Unlike White Cloud and Blu Cigs whose Facebook pages are generally very helpful, Firelight Fusion seems content to post funny pictures. Seems like, the customer service from Firelight Fusion needs some, if not much, improvement.

Warranty Coverage

Firelight Fusion also leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to their warranty coverage. In fact, it’s one of the worst in the business. They have a 14-day return policy and a 30-day limited replacement warranty. Virtually every electronic cigarette vendor has a 30-day money back guarantee, but Firelight Fusion’s guarantee spans the space of two weeks (with several terms and conditions about the product). Their 30-day warranty won’t refund you any money either. It will just replace the parts, and, if those replacement parts malfunction, they are not covered on any warranty. This pales in comparison to Smoke Tip’s lifetime warranty or even to Eluma Cigs’ 1-year warranty.

Firelight Fusion could definitely use some work in their warranty department.

E-liquid and cartomizer Selection

If all that wasn’t enough, their selection of e-liquids is also rather dull. They only feature five different flavors: vanilla, coffee, peach, pineapple, and apple. Noticeably absent is any mention of traditional flavors like tobacco or menthol. Even Vapor Couture, a vendor that only offers 4 flavors currently, has one tobacco and one menthol flavor. If you like to smoke partially or primarily for the flavor of tobacco, then you may want to try SafeCig or Revolver, both of which feature wide selections of different tobacco flavors.

If you prefer specialty flavors, then Firelight Fusion may be right for you. If you want variety, however, then this is not your ideal vendor.


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