Halo Electronic Cigarette Review


Halo Electronic Cigarette Review




Halo Cigs provides one of the best outlets to get you back on a healthy track. There will be no cigarette butts, ashes, or nasty smells. Just the smooth, rich tastes of high quality e-liquid vapors.




The Jet Black Starter Kit from Halo Cigs offers a relatively standard collection of products. In this kit, you’ll find two batteries, a wall charger, a USB adapter, 2 blank cartomizers, 5 pre-filled cartomizers, a tin, and a carrying case. This gives you everything you need to start on the electronic cigarette pathway to better health. It also only costs $54.99, which is a little lower than average for any comparable kits from other vendors. Indeed, EverSmoke’s Basic Starter Kit runs at about $59.99 for roughly the same thing. It’s certainly more affordable than something like Green Smoke’s starter kit, which retails for $89.99 and actually provides less than what the kit from Halo Cigs does.

Overall, the price to value ratio for this entry-level starter kit is actually really good

Customer Service

If you’re looking for help with your Halo Cigs order or your products, you’d likely be better served not going to their website since it leaves a lot to be desired in the way of customer service. Sites for vendors like South Beach Smoke or V2 Cigs display their toll-free hotlines prominently at the top of every page on their respective websites. But, Halo Cigs doesn’t provide a phone number at all. There’s also no option to chat with an online support technician (like on the Green Smoke’s website). The only thing Halo Cigs offers on their actual website is a practically archaic contact form that takes as long as a day for a response. Their Facebook page is largely where they interact with their customers, but even that seems superficial. They can’t offer any real help or mollification because they don’t have the parameters to do so. White Cloud’s Facebook page, on the other hand, often refers customers who have an issue to their customer service hotline. Halo Cigs can’t do that.

This is a pretty big detriment to the quality of Halo Cigs. They have a good product but generally lack efficient means of communication with their clientele.

Warranty Coverage

This is another area in which Halo Cigs could use a little improvement. Their warranty package pales in comparison to other vendors (Vapor Couture, V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, Smoke Tip, and on and on) who often feature lifetime warranties. Halo Cigs provides you with only a 30-day warranty which is definitively (and hopefully) much shorter than your lifetime. If your battery or charger happens to malfunction on the 31st day of your ownership, then you’re on the hook for a new one. This either suggests that they lack faith in the durability of their product or that they are so confident that their products will work that they don’t need to console anyone with a warranty. Even so, a longer warranty couldn’t hurt.

E-liquid Selection

This, however, is an area in which Halo Cigs needs no improvement. They are one of the largest e-liquid providers on the market, featuring up to 23 unique flavors. They really run away from the competition in regard to E-liquid selection. Indeed, vendors like South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and V2 Cigs all have a maximum of 10 different flavors. Only SmokeTip outpaces Halo Cigs, but even though SmokeTip has about three more total flavors (or flavor combinations), they lack the originality found in the e-liquids from Halo Cigs. With names like Shamrock, Twisted Java, and Torque56 there is a certain flavorful appeal that makes their product seem richer, fuller, and more suited to your tastes.

Despite some previous low ratings, Halo Cigs will certainly redeem itself here. It must be noted though that halo’s e-liquid, though rich in flavor and vapor does not come cheap with a price tag of $5.99 for their 7 ml e liquid bottle.

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