NicStick Review


NicStick Review




NicStick Electronic Cigarettes offers several different elegant packs for the elegant consumer. It is one of the nicest-looking e-cig on the market, but does that necessarily translate to value?




NicStick joins vendors like EverSmoke, V2 Cigs, and Revolver as one of the few vendors to offer a cheap express starter kit. The NicStick Starter Kit Duo comes in at about $26.95 and features an atomizer, two batteries, 3 cartridges, and a USB charger. This is about average for other similar express kits. It sits at about $1 more than both EverSmoke and V2 Cigs’ offerings and about $6 more expensive than Revolver’s pack. Unlike those other three, however, NicStick actually offers two batteries. For a pack this small, you really can’t beat that value.

The next kit up on the ladder is the NicStick 302 Ultra. At the time of writing, this kit is running for only $29.95 on the NicStick website which is wildly cheap. It’s unclear how long this price will hold because it seems like most of their products are on sale currently. Even so, the regular listed price is only $42.95. It comes with an atomizer, two batteries, two chargers, a manual, and a variety pack of 5 flavored cartridges. You’ll find kits like this that can run for as much as $90 (in the case of Green Smoke) and a little less than that for Eluma Cigs or V2 Cigs. If this price won’t last, then you definitely need to hurry up and take advantage of it. It’s likely the most affordable deal in electronic cigarettes right now.

Customer Service

NicStick has an eager online customer service representative that is very willing to answer any and all questions you can throw at her. Other vendors, like V2 Cigs and Revolver, also have chat options on their websites, but NicStick really personalizes it for you. They also feature a phone number and an e-mail, although you really have to search through the site to find it. Other vendors will prominently display their phone numbers on the top of the page and still others, like Smoke Tip, provide 24-hour access via phone. Either way, the fact that they have the option is certainly laudable. NicStick also features a Facebook page where they seem pretty hit and miss when it comes to responding to customer concerns or complaints. All they really have to do, though, is go to the NicStick website to be connected with a customer service representative immediately. That’s probably the best and most convenient aspect of NicStick’s customer service.

Overall, you’re going to be in good hands with NicStick customer service.

Warranty Coverage

NicStick offers a somewhat unique warranty that might be hard to gauge for some customers. Unlike many other vendors, NicStick covers their batteries on a per charge basis. Their smaller kits are covered for 30 charges while their larger kits are covered for 300 charges. That means if you charge your battery every day, you’re going to be covered for at least 30 days for the smaller kits and at least 300 days for their larger kits. In some ways, this is better than just a strict 1-year or 6-month warranty because it puts emphasis on usage instead of time passed. If you happen to use your products rarely, you might not reach 300 charges in 300 days. Other vendors, like Smoke Tip and Green Smoke, provide you with lifetime warranties that take the guesswork out of keeping track of charges. Even so, the fact they can guarantee at least 300 charges says something about the quality of the battery.

E-liquid/Cartomizer/Cartridge Selection

NicStick has several cartomizers and cartridge styles to choose from. They feature only 6 e-liquids to fill those cartridges though. The average number of flavors is around 10 and Bull Smoke and EverSmoke feature those numbers. NicStick has three tobacco flavors, a menthol flavor, a coffee flavor, and an “energy blend.” There’s nothing really special about their selection, but they have the bare minimum covered. Tobacco and Menthol are usually the most popular flavors anyway. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to try a little variety.


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