Premium Electronic Cigarette Review


Premium Electronic Cigarette Review




Premium Electronic Cigarettes seem to be setting themselves up for failure. With a name like Premium, they have some big shoes to fill. Do they live up to the Premium brand or do they falter in spite of it?




The cheapest offering that Premium provides is called the Electronic Cigarette Kit PR110. It comes in at $49.95 and features 1 battery, 5 cartomizers, 2 chargers, and a manual. This is right around the average in terms of price and content value. V2 Cigs has a package at the exact same price but with 5 extra cartomizers. NicStick has a pack that is identical except for an additional battery and it costs about $20 less. Still, Premium’s starter kit is cheaper than many other products that bill themselves as luxurious (e.g. Green Smoke and Vapor Couture). All in all, this is a pretty good way to start off your switch to e-cigarettes.

Customer Service

With Premium’s website, you see all the customer service information right at the top of the screen. It even has one of those perpetual headers that scroll along with you to ensure that you’re never too far away from the phone number and the hours of operation. They do not feature an online chat option like NicStick or Volcano and they don’t feature 24-hour customer support, but this is relatively normal among most vendors. Their Facebook page seems to fall into the trap of only approving plaudits for public view. Either that or no one tries to connect with Premium through their Facebook page. Vendors like Blu Cigs have Facebook pages that are generally on fire with happy or concerned or angry customers. Generally each comment gets addresses by a staff member from Blu Cigs. Despite a lot of coupon offers, Premium’s Facebook page seems almost like an Internet ghost town.

All in all, it seems that they either have good customer service or they just suppress the negative

Warranty Coverage

Although they don’t have a lifetime warranty like some other vendors, Premium does feature a solid 1-year warranty. They will cover your batteries and chargers if they malfunction spontaneously during the first year from your purchase date. Of course, batteries aren’t meant to last longer than a few months, but chargers are supposed to last for a relatively long time. Bull Smoke covers chargers for a lifetime and South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, and a whole slew of others cover everything for a lifetime. Still, Premium does feature a 30-day money back guarantee that can put you at ease if you’re unsatisfied with the product. You will be refunded in full as long as you return the products within 30 days and the products have not been excessively tampered with.

It could be better, but Premium’s warranty will cover most people securely enough.

Cartomizer/Cartridge Selection

Premium has a solid selection of pre-filled cartomizers that can take all the hassle out of refilling cartridges yourself (dripping). All you have to do is pop these cartomizers in place, and start puffing. They have 19 different flavors for you to choose from which is close to the top in the business. If you’re looking for something traditional, Premium only has one tobacco flavor and one menthol flavor. But they do have a whole host of fruit, chocolate, and coffee flavors for you to choose from. Their selection is comparable in size and variety to Smoke Tip’s. If you want more tobacco selections you might be better off going to SafeCig, but for a nice selection, you can’t go wrong with Premium Electronic Cigarettes.



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