Revolver Electronic Cigarette Review


Revolver Electronic Cigarette Review

Revolver Electronic Cigarettes boasts an edgy feel that’s unrivaled by most other electronic cigarettes on the market. Indeed, Revolver calls its brand a “New Alternative Edge to Smoking.” They ostensibly market their products to rock stars (including Seether’s Shaun Morgan) and rock fans.


Revolver offers, perhaps, the cheapest starter kit on the market. They call it their Ion Sampler Kit and it is, of course, ideal for anyone wanting to sample their product. It comes with the bare minimum you need to start vaping in style: one battery, one charger, and 5 cartomizers. At $19.99 it’s a full $5 cheaper than similar offerings from V2 Cigs and EverSmoke. It’s also the only “express” starter kit out of the three to feature more than one cartridge or cartomizer. You’re definitely getting a big value with this rather small kit.

Revolver’s next least expensive offering comes in the form of the $39.99 G2 Mega Standard Kit. This kit certainly lives up to its “mega” nomenclature. For just under $40, you get two batteries, two chargers, two nifty atomizer covers, 5 cartomizers, a carrying case, and a stylish box. From what we can tell, this is the least expensive Standard Kit on the market. Indeed, V2 Cigs offers a kit similar to this (except with five extra cartridges) for $10 more.

Revolver features a whole slew of other models with more content, but, the fact remains, they give you the best return on your investment every time.

Customer Service

Revolver e-cigs also has some of the best customer service around. They have a toll-free number (although no online chat option) displayed proudly on their website. They share this distinction with vendors like South Beach Smoke and SafeCig. Websites for vendors like Halo Cigs and Crown7 either make you look for the phone number or don’t provide one at all. Revolver is also very active on social media. Their Facebook page is full of customer concerns, complaints, and plaudits, most of which are addressed to the fullest extent. They spare no time in making sure that their customers are treated well. In comparison to the Facebook pages of V2 Cigs and SafeCig (which are veritable ghost towns), Revolver is exemplary. They also feature great how-to guides on their Youtube account, most of which are conveniently embedded on their website.

Few other vendors do customer service like Revolver. They might only be matched in quality by Blu Cigs.

Warranty Coverage

Revolver has kind of a unique warranty package because they have so many different models. All models have a 30-day money back guarantee which is common for most vendors. Their G2 models have 1-year warranties and their Ion models have lifetime warranties. The Talon Tank System and Magnum Volt each feature one-year warranties as well. One year is a relatively long time and, of course, a lifetime is essentially forever. Many vendors (Smoke Tip, Green Smoke, etc.) have lifetime warranties, but many also only feature one-year warranties (SafeCig, Blu Cigs, etc.). Revolver kind of has a hybrid of the two and it seems to work efficiently enough. Indeed, Ion kits start at the low price of $19.99 with a lifetime of insurance.

Although they don’t have a lifetime warranty for all of their products, the fact that they have one at all speaks volumes. Revolver gets a 5 out of 5 for their warranty coverage.

E-liquid/Cartomizer/Cartridge Selection

Revolver has an astounding selection of e-liquids that is pretty much unrivaled by any other vendor on the market. The split them into two categories: Classic E-liquid and Premium USA-made E-liquid. There are 21 classic and 14 USA-made e-liquids. The latter category features a lot of specialty flavors like Blueberry Blitz, Apple Splash, and Orange Creamsicle. The classic category has a bevy of different-flavored tobaccos that will make any fan of the traditional crop salivate. Vendors like Halo Cigs and Smoke Tip feature 23 and 25 flavors respectively and are the two closest vendors in e-liquid quantity to Revolver. Indeed, Revolver’s huge and unique selection is a step above the rest.

If you like tasty e-cigs, you can’t go wrong with Revolver.




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