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SmokeTip Reviews




SmokeTip is quickly becoming one of the best vendors of electronic cigarettes on the Internet. They have a wide selection of cartridges to choose from and a distinctive purchasing format that sets them apart from the pack.



In terms of starter kits, you don’t have to worry about picking “the right one.” In fact, SmokeTip only features a single kit altogether. The SmokeTip Kit includes two rechargeable batteries, 5 flavor cartridges, and two different chargers all in a nice gift box. All this comes with a price tag of $59.95 which is about average compared to other vendors. Halo Cigs features roughly the same contents (maybe a little more) with a price tag of only $54.99. V2 Cigs has a kit ($49.99) that’s identical to the SmokeTip Kit except that it features one less battery and 10 total cartridges. The real benefit of Smoke Tip might be its free shipping. Other vendors who have cheaper asking prices will sock you with shipping and handling fees to get the most profit. With SmokeTip, shipping is absolutely free.

Customer Service

Like Blu Cigs, Smoke Tip gives customers 24/7 access to an expert representative. Few vendors allow such holistic access via toll-free telephone number. Unfortunately, they don’t have an online chat feature that can connect you immediately with a representative. Vendors like V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture, and Blu Cigs all have accessibility via online chat functions. Despite this, SmokeTip also features a Facebook page on which they seem to be really active. They often put special coupons and deals on their Facebook page aimed specifically at followers. They also respond quite regularly to any complaints and concerns voiced by customers on the social networking site. For the most part, their Facebook page is comparable to those of Green Smoke or White Cloud.

SmokeTip appears to have some of the best customer service around.

Warranty Coverage

SmokeTip has one of the most comprehensive warranty plans on the market. In most cases, warranties will cover a defective battery or charger. For instance, Vapor Couture’s lifetime warranty plan will replace a defective product as long as it can be confirmed that the malfunction wasn’t caused by improper use. SmokeTip’s lifetime warranty goes one step further than that. For them, it doesn’t seem to matter how the product was broken. They’ll replace it for free regardless. As if that wasn’t enough, every order of 3 cartridges comes complete with a free battery. So, if you’re battery is broken, there’s really no need to cash in on the warranty. With your next order, you’ll get a free battery anyway. This certainly makes SmokeTip a safe bet for both novices and experts in the electronic cigarette world.

With one of the best warranty plans, it’s no wonder that SmokeTip warrants (pun completely intended) a 5 star rating for their outstanding, best niche warranty.

Cartridge Selection

SmokeTip just seems to pile on the features. Of course, this is a good thing if you’re a big fan of variety. They feature 19 different cartridge flavors and 6 different multi-packs. The assorted multi-packs feature cartridges infused with a mixture of different flavors for a strong, rich smoking experience. They’ve also, of course, got 19 different featuring two different tobacco flavors, two different menthol flavors, and a flurry of coffee and fruit flavors. The only vendor that comes close is Halo Cigs with a total of 23 flavors (and no multi-packs). Generally, vendors (like South Beach Smoke and V2 Cigs) top out at about 10 flavors. You can buy them in 10-packs with prices that get cheaper if you buy in bulk. This might be the strongest draw for SmokeTip and let’s not forget the outstanding warranty.



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