South Beach Smoke Review


South Beach Smoke Review



South Beach Smoke gives you the distinct feel of the Miami sunset. Their electronic cigarettes are some of the best around and they also offer a relatively impressive value. There’s a lot to see when it comes to South Beach Smoke.




South Beach Smoke offers a variety of starter kits that aim to get you on the right e-cig path. Their first (and most affordable) package is called the Reusable Express Kit. While it doesn’t offer a lot in the way of quantity, it can definitely get you started if you’re nervous about whether or not you’ll even like electronic cigarettes. It comes with a battery, a USB charger, and 1 nicotine cartridge of your choice. It also comes in a neat little carrying case that looks exactly like a real pack of cigarettes. At $29.99 it offers a lot of value. Other vendors, like V2 Cigs and EverSmoke, sell similar packages for about $5 cheaper. Even so, South Beach Smoke isn’t a bad way to go if you’ve never tried e-cigs before.

Their Deluxe Starter Kit is what you’ll want to purchase if you are looking for a little variety. It comes with two batteries, two different kinds of chargers, and 5 cartridges of your choice. It also provides you with value coming it at only $59.99 for the whole package. Blu Cigs offers the same exact kind of kit for what amounts to an additional $20. Although cheaper kits are out there, this is certainly one of the most affordable.

You get an adequate amount for your money when it comes to these starter kits.

Customer Service

One of the strangest things about South Beach Smoke is that their website almost exactly mimics that of EverSmoke’s. It’s unclear whether or not they are linked in some way, but it would be easy to get confused if you were shopping around. Their Facebook pages are also surprisingly similar, often posting the same jokes, photographs, and videos. Either way, it gives customers direct access to the company at all times. Unfortunately, just a brief look at their Facebook page will not reveal a lot of happy customers. For the most part, you’re apt to find angry messages about how an order has yet to come in after an entire month. They have a Twitter, a Pinterest, a Youtube account, and a toll-free phone number to call, but if can’t respond to customers in a timely and transparent manner, it seems like it’s all for naught. The Facebook page for Blu Cigs features a ton of legitimate praise from actual customers—a stark contrast from South Beach Smoke.

Even if they might not be the most transparent, they at least offer a lot of ways to communicate.

Warranty Coverage

Like many other vendors, South Beach Smoke features a lifetime warranty. In fact, there are probably more vendors that have lifetime warranties than one’s that have limited warranties. The aforementioned Blu Cigs is one of those that only has a 1-year warranty. But South Beach Smoke certainly beats them out. Your electronic cigarettes will be covered for as long as there’s breath in your lungs (which will likely be longer now that you’ve stopped smoking real cigarettes). We always praise a lifetime warranty in our reviews.

Cartridge Selection

South Beach Smoke features around 10 distinct flavor cartridges to choose from. There are three different tobacco flavors, a menthol flavor, and slew of other specialty flavors like chocolate, vanilla, piña colada, and peach. Perhaps one of the greatest tasting flavors is their piña colada. It is unique among other companies and offers a taste that’s also perfect for getting caught in the rain. Other vendors, like Smoke Tip or Halo Cigs, feature larger selections, but few of them feature the kinds of flavors in the South Beach Smoke line.

Although they don’t have the largest selection, they certainly make up for that in quality.

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