V2 Cigs Review


V2 Cigs Review




In the world of electronic cigarettes, it seems like every brand bills itself as the best. Indeed, V2 Cigs calls itself “America’s #1 Electronic Cigarette”. With six distinct starter kits and a wide selection of cartridges, they might be right.



Perhaps the greatest thing about V2 Cigs is their wide selection of starter kits. They start out with the Express Kit and go all the way up to the Ultimate Kit. Of course, the Express Kit offers you the cheapest way to test out electronic cigarettes if you’ve never tried them before. In fact, at $24.95 this affordable kit is a full $65 less expensive than the lowest-priced starter kit from a vendor like Green Smoke. Of course, with the Express Kit, you only get 1 battery, 1 flavor cartridge, 1 express charger, and a manual. It’s comparable in price and content to EverSmoke’s express starter kit, and gives you the least expensive avenue to test the figurative waters. You definitely don’t have to break the bank with this starter kit.

The Economy Kit for V2 Cigs offers just a little bit extra. Along with a battery and a manual, it gives you 10 total flavor cartridges, a “smart” charger, and a wall adapter all for only $49.95. The Green Smoke express kit offers the exact same features for a price that’s $40 extra. Indeed, this Economy Kit beats out virtually every other vendor on the market when it comes to value.

Customer Service

In terms of service, V2 Cigs appears to cover plenty of platforms. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter where they will occasionally respond directly to your concerns. They also give you special updates and offers if you follow them on either social media site. Perhaps the best thing about V2 Cigs is their toll-free hotline and their online support. You can chat on the phone or online with them if you happen to be having any trouble with your products. Although other sites, like Blu Cigs, feature both telephone and online support, V2 Cigs makes it convenient by putting both their options at the top of their webpage constantly. You never have to search through subpages to find the avenues through which you can contact the company. Other brands, like Smoke Tip, have their support phone number at the top of their webpage, but do not have the option of direct online support.

V2 Cigs appears to be committed to excellent customer service.

Warranty Coverage

It doesn’t get much better than a lifetime warranty and that’s exactly what V2 Cigs offers. They share this distinction with vendors like Vapor Couture and EverSmoke, but other brands, like Blu Cigs, only offer 1-year warranties. V2 Cigs will cover most damage as long as you didn’t actually cause the damage from abuse or misuse.

Cartridge and E-liquid Selection

The first major advantage of v2 in this section is the availability of E-Liquid and refillable cartridges. This is a major plus since it literally will save you money, by enabling you to buy, either v2 cigs E-liquid, or E-liquid from any other supplier and refill your cartridges yourself. V2 cigs E-Liquid comes in the following  flavors: Tobacco (3 flavors), Peppermint and Mint Tea.

The second advantage is that V2 has a wide selection when it comes to E-liquids and cartridges. They have tobacco flavors, menthol flavors, and even a few specialty flavors to choose from. In total, they’ve got 10 flavors ranging from peppermint all the way to vanilla. One of the most popular flavors is the V2 Red which has a traditional American tobacco flavor. Other sites, like Halo Cigs, have a larger variety (24 in this case) of e-liquids to choose from. This might be seen as a detriment to V2 Cigs. They will occasionally introduce new flavors, like Grape, but, if they don’t sell well, they will take them off the shelves, so to speak.  All in all, it’s a good selection, but V2 cigs should strive to extend their variety of flavors.

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