Vapor Couture Review


Vapor Couture Reviews



Vapor Couture is undoubtedly an electronic cigarette marketed toward women. They have all kinds of purple, feminine-looking accessories and kits that make them ideal for any woman. Their crystal tips and luxurious design certainly make the “Couture” brand apropos.




The elegance intrinsic in these electronic cigarettes would make you think that they would be highly expensive. Although they can be relatively pricy, they still offer quite a bit in their least expensive starter kit. For $79.95, you could get VC Essentials Kit that includes 2 batteries, 10 flavor cartridges, two chargers, and a manual. This gives you substantially more than Green Smoke’s basic package for a price that’s about $10 cheaper. You also get the distinctive Vapor Couture brand which is essentially elegance personified. The Essentials Kit does not have the same affordability as some other vendors however. For instance V2 Cigs has a similar package that goes for about $50. Even so, the quality and luxurious design of Vapor Couture, which many of the ladies may prefer, can’t be underestimated.

Despite the high price of this kit, you really get what you pay for, with style that really appeals to lady smokers a niche that was not targeted by any other brand.

Customer Service

With Vapor Couture, customers are also afforded almost constant links to the company. They have a toll-free telephone number that’s placed noticeably at the top of every page on the site. There’s also an online chat support feature that can connect you with a representative instantly. Many other vendors’ sites feature similar features (including V2 Cigs and Green Smoke). Vapor Couture offers considerably more than a vendor like Halo Cigs that has no noticeable phone number and certainly no online chat feature. Vapor Couture has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a Pinterest that will give you updates on the latest news and specials. Vapor Couture is generally quick to respond to complaints on their Facebook by letting customers know where they can go to seek better help.

Overall, Vapor Couture is good at keeping in contact with the consumer.

Warranty Coverage

You can enjoy quality Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes for a lifetime. Their lifetime warranty lasts as long as you keep puffing on their healthy alternatives to standard cigs. As long as the product’s malfunction was not a result of improper use or abuse, Vapor Couture will replace it for you free of charge. Vendors like White Cloud only have 6-month warranties for defective parts. This makes Vapor Couture special in terms of their commitment to keeping the customer happy. Other brands (V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, etc.) feature similar types of warranties. You can’t do any better than a lifetime warranty. Vapor Couture really excels in that area.

Cartridge Selection

In terms of cartridge selection, Vapor Couture doesn’t offer much. They currently have four different flavor cartridges with two more in the works. Even if their selection is small, they are actually relatively flashy. The Rodeo Drive cartridge features a robust tobacco flavor that speaks to the elegance of American cigarettes. The Bomb Shell cartridge has the smoky Turkish tobacco flavor you’ll love. The Passion Fruit and Fresh Mint cartridges give you a distinctive fruity or fresh burst. Other vendors (like Smoke Tip, South Beach Smoke, and Halo Cigs) offer considerably more, but Vapor Couture has some of the best tasting flavors on the market. They’re also one of the only vendors (if not the only) that targets women.

For stylish, full-flavored cigarette cartridges that really “hit” the taste buds of the stylish feminine smoker. If that’s you, you can’t go wrong with Vapor Couture.

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