Volcano Ecig Review


Volcano Ecig Review

When thinking about smoke and vapor, there is perhaps no better imagery than a volcano. Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes has been making fine electronic cigarettes since 2009. But, how fine are those cigarettes really?


Volcano is one of the few vendors (including the likes of V2 Cigs, Revolver, and EverSmoke) that feature an “express” kit. Express kits are perfect for novices who just want to test out the product without investing too much cash. The Volcano Express Starter Kit has a price of $22.99 and features a battery, two cartomizers, and a USB charger. It’s not quite as cheap or as packed as Revolver’s express kit, but it’s still pretty cheap. It is a few bucks cheaper than the express kits from V2 Cigs and EverSmoke. It also comes in a nice, compact package for ease of storage and use.

The next bet starter kit that Volcano offers is aptly called the VOLCANO kit. It’s structured for beginners who are making the switch from real cigarettes directly to electronic cigarettes. Because of this, their e-cigs mimic the length of real cigarettes almost exactly to ease you into vaping. It comes with two batteries, a V-Pack portable charger, a wall charger, a USB charger, and 5 cartomizers. Of course, in order for their size of the e-cig to be so small, the battery also has to be small. It won’t provide as many puffs as a longer electronic cigarette, but can be ideal for anyone who can’t fathom smoking anything longer than normal. It comes in at a price of $64.99 which is decent. Most similar kits, like Firelight Fusion’s starter kit, don’t feature the portable charger which also doubles as a realistic real-world pack. But, the limited capacity of these smaller batteries might turn some people off.

Volcano has several more kits that have longer batteries (and battery lives) named MAGMA and INFERNO which are still relatively affordable.

Customer Service

Volcano has a highly visible phone number for customer support and an online contact form. They also provide the option to have a video (or text) chat with representatives and other Volcano customers. You can get immediate answers to your questions while also fostering community. A few vendors (like NicStick and V2 Cigs) have chat options, but there might not be a single vendor on the Internet that provides video chat technology. Volcano also maintains a Facebook page where they frequently listen to and answer customer concerns and inquiries. Much like White Cloud and Blu Cigs, Volcano offers great customer support and features tremendous accessibility compared to other vendors.

Warranty Coverage

Volcano only features a 1-year warranty for their products but batteries and atomizers are really only expected to last for 3 to 6 months anyway. They won’t replace parts that have been naturally expended, abused, or misused in anyway. If the defect came from the factory, they will replace it for you free of charge (within one year). This is a very common kind of warranty for electronic cigarette companies. Revolver uses it, Eluma Cigs uses it, and so does Crown7. Even so, many other vendors apply a lifetime warranty to their products, and, even if a lifetime warranty doesn’t actually mean that much (since most products aren’t built to last for a lifetime), it can be reassuring.

E-liquid and Cartomizer Selection

Volcano definitely doesn’t scrimp when it comes to different flavors. They have about 11 premixed cartomizers for you to choose from as well as 34 different e-liquids all made in the USA. They’ve covered all their bases with a bevy of fruit-based, chocolate-based, coffee-based, and tobacco-based flavors. They are only beaten out by Revolver’s 35 different e-liquids, but we’ll let them slide. They certainly outpace vendors like South Beach Smoke and V2 Cigs who top out with 10 flavors. There’s also something for everyone. Whether you like traditional tobacco or watermelon, you’re bound to find something you like. Obviously, Volcano exceeds the norm with its selection of flavors.


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