White Cloud Review


White Cloud E Cig Review




White Cloud Cigarettes feature both rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes. They are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the electronic cigarette market. They call themselves “The Best E-Cigs Online,” but we’ll be the judge of that.



White Cloud has a few starter kits to choose from with the cheapest being the Cirrus II Starter Kit. This is of course the “sequel” of sorts to the original Cirrus Kit that is no longer being offered. The Cirrus II, however, features a much longer charge time to give you lengthy smoke periods. It also gives you more puffs per cartridge than the original Cirrus Kit. In the Cirrus II, you’ll get 2 batteries, 5 cartridges, one USB charger, and one manual. The price of $59.95 might turn some people off of this kit. V2 Cigs offers a similar package that includes a total of 10 cartridges for $10 cheaper. In larger part, however, this starter lit is perfect for anyone who wants to get their feet wet. It’s also a decided value when compared to Green Smoke’s cheapest starter kit (about $90).

The bottom line is, you could a decent return on your investment with this starter kit.

Customer Service

White Cloud provides a number of ways to contact them. They have a toll-free phone number that you can use to get in touch with a representative during the day. Unlike South Beach Smoke and a number of other vendors, White Cloud does not feature their phone number prominently at the top of their website. You kind of have to search around for a bit before you can find it. They also feature a Facebook page on which they seem to respond to nearly every customer complaint, concern, or comment. This is particularly helpful when it comes to getting adequate information about a particular product. Most (if not all) other electronic cigarettes have Facebook pages, but White Cloud’s is much more thorough than something like Crown7’s. They also feature a Twitter account, a Pinterest account, and an e-mail where they can be reached all the time.

Warranty Coverage

This is really where White Cloud tends to lose its viability. For their low-end starter kits, they only offer a 6-month warranty. For their high-end products, they offer as much as a 2-year warranty. On their site, they try to pass this off as a value, but plenty of vendors (including V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture, and Smoke Tip) offer lifetime warranties for all of their products regardless of price. White Cloud really lags behind these other companies when it comes to a guarantee. It also makes them seem untrustworthy, as if they know their product won’t last long. In any event, adding any kind of warranty to the package is still a nice gesture, and 6 months certainly beats out the 30-day warranty from Halo Cigs.

Although it doesn’t have the lengthiest warranty coverage, White Cloud still has some coverage. That’s at least worth something.

 Cartridge Selection

Even though it doesn’t feature a nice warranty, White Cloud does have quite a selection of SmoothDraw cartridges with names like Apache, Diablo, Kick!, and Moscow Mule. You’re sure to find something you like out of this selection of 15 total flavors. Indeed, White Cloud sets itself apart from the mold with its utterly unique collection. Many vendors (V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, etc.) limit the number of flavor cartridges to around 10 and they usually have relatively unimaginative names (like Chocolate or Vanilla). But, White Cloud gives you a wide selection in a wide variety of styles.

After a relatively abysmal warranty package, White Cloud certainly redeemed itself with its large selection of rich, flavorful cartridges.


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