Smoking Electronic Cigarettes During Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy is a key health issue for women and children, and many women have found that they are judged negatively by others if they choose to smoke. This is often the case because individuals who have never attempted to stop smoking do not know how hard it can be to cope with the stress of fighting an addiction. It is important to understand the effects that smoking can have on the health of a woman and her child during pregnancy.

Firstly, smoking tobacco can increase the risks of complications during pregnancy, including miscarriage and stillbirth. If a pregnancy progresses to full term, babies are smaller on average than those who are born to non smokers, they are more at risk of sudden infant death syndrome, and there is link between pre natal smoking and an effect on a child’s future cognitive development.

Despite most women being aware of all of these facts, it is still difficult for them to give up smoking on their own. Due to the fact that there is very limited research involving the use of electronic cigarettes for pregnant women, many brands state that they are not suitable for use. However, it is thought that it is more likely to be the case that companies are protecting themselves legally in case something should go wrong.

An important fact to remember is that, whether there is sufficient evidence or not, it cannot be denied that electronic cigarettes are less of a risk than tobacco. None of the toxins are present, and no tobacco is inhaled. This prevents dangerous chemicals from entering the blood stream of the pregnant woman and therefore also the blood of the unborn child. It has been stated by medical professionals that it is sometimes more unhealthy to quit smoking suddenly when a woman is pregnant because of the fact that she would be putting herself under so much stress due to the withdrawal symptoms from the nicotine. If a woman chooses to smoke electronic cigarettes, it is possible for her to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine that she is inhaling, whilst not having to inhale tobacco smoke in the process.

There are several other things that could help pregnant women to give up smoking. Firstly, using the internet is vital. This means that it is possible to get a lot of information about the various types and strengths of e-liquids available so that the best decision can be made. In addition to this, it is important that you remain in close contact with your doctor when you’re trying to give up smoking. If you are pregnant, it may be suggested that you go for counselling to help you give up, as this might help to reduce your stress levels.

Regardless of the warnings, electronic cigarettes are undoubtedly a healthier alternative to regular tobacco smoke, and could enable the user to reduce the amount that they smoke to improve their health and also reduce the chances of experiencing complications during pregnancy.

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